Friday, March 7, 2014


 photo friends-3_zps0cca8858.jpg
- they know how to make african bread and they know how to dance to bhangra music. and if they dont, they say "what you dont know in knowledge, make up for in enthusiasm"
- they think the fact that i spent fourtyfive minutes waiting for my house keys sitting in my backyard igloo makes me the best person in the world (i am flattered, but honestly, i just forgot my keys)
- they switch to caps when we start chatting about anything related to food. PIES GUYS PIESSSSS.
- they dont think im crazy for going to practice at seven am every saturday, even if it messes up friday nights.
- they have google image stock photos for e-ve-ry-thing.
- they are good people and they will do a clothing for the homeless drive on a snowday, randomly give out flowers to strangers and get all excited about spreadsheets and color coding and dayofthegirl2014 yeeee!
- they get in dirty, cold, city beach water for photos (one. two.) and wear furry hats and reindeer antlers in the winter.
- they let me become part of their families and crash their rural house in the catalan countryside all the time.
- they have been planning a major major major stitch and bitch event. even though none of us can stitch (I WISH) so we'll just bitch.
- they are up for anything and always know about the weirdest things going on.
- they don't fear airplanes and airports and they come visit me in dc in masses, or they come spend a few days in barcelona. or let me visit them in england and san francisco.
- our skype conversations feel like we are really having coffee together at elias, the neighborhood coffee shop back in barcelona. and im always shocked that i can't hug them at the end.
- they make our trips like this and they are not afraid of long, sleepless, freezing nights in cheap ferry boats. (and they are planning two massive europe railroad trips this summer. yessss)
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 photo friends-4_zps58fd3208.jpg  photo friends-2_zps1774efc1.jpg
/// sorry for all those hyperlinks. but some of them are really worth it.


  1. This actually brought tears to my eyes - what beautiful, wonderful friendships you have forged/ Hold on to them, dearest Giulia, as I hope they will hold on to you.

    1. thanks tori! i will hold on to them for sure:)

  2. Before this post I had never really realised how much you'd travelled, wooooaaaah you've done so much and I've just watched that Menorca video from your links and it looks like so much fun!! Aaaaah all I want to do is travel with some friends now!!xx

    1. yes joanna, traveling with friends is the best!!! go for it girl!

  3. this is soo lovely... made me miss my friends reading this... gosh it's so awesome when we find true friends like that, even the distance cannot ruin that...<33


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