Thursday, August 21, 2014


 photo knoll2_zpsbcada504.jpgi went camping right before graduation and took with me a roll of film. i developed it but then completely forgot to share. im in college and it's all pretty intense, i need to sit down for a bit and think about the blog and how i want to continue it. but for now, i hope you like these and i hope you'll stay around. photo knoll6_zps4ab84c8a.jpg photo knoll7_zps93bd9f3c.jpg photo knoll_zpse6a785d8.jpg photo knoll3_zps90c1d167.jpg photo knoll5_zpsbdee746c.jpg photo knoll4_zps70045196.jpg

Thursday, August 14, 2014


 photo interratos1_zps5ba3b7eb.jpg
i lost my iphone on one of my last nights interrailing. we were in rome and we went out and i think it must have fallen, or taken, from my pocket. the thing is i always have my guy friends hold it for me (man pockets, man) but that night i was using it to figure out how to get back to the hostel... i had an insurance for it so replacing it with a new iphone was not too expensive or complicated, but that meant i lost all of the pictures and new contacts and hilarious whatsapp conversations, etc... and i took all of my pictures with my phone, all of them. so that was painful. tolerable, of course, but painful.
but then yesterday, when my factory new new phone arrived in the mail, i turned it on and it asked me which icloud backup i wanted to set it up as. it gave me different options: my mom's, my dad's, my siblings' and mine and different dates. i tried selecting my lost phone's most recent backup (from a few days before it disappeared) and i could not believe it: all of my contacts, photos, apps, hilarious text and whatsapp conversations were there. a few pictures from rome were missing, but that's it. as if i had never ever lost it!
t e c h n o l o g y ! i didnt even know this was a thing. i had no idea. i didnt choose to "back up my iphone" it just backed up itself on the icloud every once in a while? all of these pictures are golden, they are precious treasures. and i am so so in love with icloud, thank you for bringing them back to me <3 photo interratos_zpsd2653777.jpg photo interratos3_zps944960cb.jpg photo interratos4_zps442eb92c.jpg photo interratos2_zpsac3c6340.jpg photo interratos5_zps933f891e.jpg

Friday, August 1, 2014


 photo cloudsmdc_zps5d8cb9cc.jpg
i just joined my family in the italian alps a few days ago after some of the most fun and incredible 22 days of my life. i feel like i have been everywhere, met everyone, done everything. and i still want more. i cannot wait to share more and more
it was so much fun. i was sleeping on the floor or in really sketchy hostels, i was constantly exhausted but oh so high on life, i was surrounded by my closest friends whom i love and by complete strangers whom i also came to love. i rode on the back of someone's bike in amsterdam, i saw the world cup final in berlin, i swam in the mediterranean in cinque terre, i saw the duomo in firenze, i went to a foam party in rimini and i had late night gelato in rome. darlings darlings, i felt so alive.
here the alps are covered in white, cotton like clouds. it rains all the time, my body demands rest and i have a bad cold. but it's beautiful and peaceful. a part of me refuses to accept this calmness and quietness - i miss interrailing with all of my might - but a more reasonable side of me knows i need to take these next ten days to walk and read and eat good food because as soon as i get back home to the us life will get insane again... my one-way ticket to new orleans is in seventeen days.
 photo cloudsmdc1_zpsccbe840b.jpg photo cloudsmdc4_zps720c5150.jpg photo cloudsmdc2_zps2a029d47.jpg photo cloudsmdc5_zpsd86217ba.jpg photo cloudsmdc3_zpsab964c08.jpg photo cloudsmdc6_zpsf048b37f.jpg photo cloudsmdc7_zpsb50964ab.jpg
love love, where are you all now?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 photo 9c5e2874-b55d-425b-b90a-942b66ab5c30_zpsaeba7fde.jpg 22 days, 9 cities, 2 flights, many trains, one backpack. being in barcelona these past three days was intense, exhausting but worth all of the hours. this trip might kill my back, my feet, my brains and my all, but i cannot wait. im not bringing my computer with me, but i prescheduled a few posts, so don't leave. see you soon babes, g.

Monday, June 30, 2014


 photo interr_zps77d2a86f.jpg
Last summer I went to Menorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, with a group of nine childhood friends. (here is a video - and some photos one, two, three, four). We've known each other since we were three and we have studied, travelled and vacationed together many many times. We have gotten so used to each other and we have established some sort of vacation chemistry. We cook our own homemade dinners, clean up after ourselves, plan bus and train and ferry and plane tickets, manage the group budget..
This summer after my visit to Amsterdam and Berlin, I will be meeting them all in the Milan airport, I haven't seen them in a whole year, and together, we will tour Italy by train.
I love them so much and there is no one I would rather go on an expedition like this with. They are up for cheap sketchy youth hostels, 5am train rides, cold nights at the beach, grocery store meals - yet they are all like family and keep me safe and comfortable and happy.
And to make it all better, we are going to Italy. Italy my home. Italy my people. Italy my language. Italy my fresh burrata, my 500 minis, my afternoon gelato, my childhood books, my family's traditions.
I cannot contain my excitement.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 photo 093dd855-dcb4-42b6-9918-b22259433e94_zps7960c153.jpg
I knew exactly what I wanted my room to look like when we moved. I wanted white walls, white bed sheets, a big bed, very little visible clutter, a ridiculous amount of natural light and tiny splashes of color. I am so happy to say this tiny room of mine did just this. I refuse to put anything up on the walls because the two huge windows already look like two huge green paintings. Many people have commented on how white and empty it looks at first, but after a few seconds you get used to the peace, calm and zen it brings. In the morning, the light comes in through all sides and reflects on everything, making it one of the brightest, nicest rooms to wake up in.
 photo 95f68b54-275a-49a5-b6d4-a84515535672_zpsf74d586a.jpg photo b5541eab-63a8-4c77-ba45-5011298f9a8d_zps3eb1b3db.jpg photo 0f0e6ccd-3c77-48ba-ab9c-62bc4106393a_zps6728f473.jpg photo c01f41d3-cc43-4b5f-a2fb-24d2a059f0a7_zps6faf0795.jpg
The bed is from my parent's old room and the drawers are from IKEA (it took me a whole day to build it, but it was worth it). The swimmers' painting is a gift from the Spanish side of the family, the lights I have had for ages, and the frames on the floor came from Barcelona (and should probably be updated). I keep my camera lens with the books and journals. The scented candle was sent to me by my friend from England. The blue rock is actually a piece of painted tile I found in a lake in Italy. The three little prints are postcards from the Joan Miró museum.
 photo b89dda7d-60cc-44ce-81b5-e9eda462ddf3_zpsbc5a4996.jpg
what does your room look like?

ps. a bedroom part i.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


 photo rnn_zps4c7a3753.jpg photo rn_zps93011c7b.jpg
i was inspired by the beautiful of trees and hues to write this post.

Writing / on my big, white bed in my clean, white room.
Drinking / a vanilla chai drink we got at whole foods that i've become obsessed with.
Listening / a lot of radio and friends' cds in the car. this album at this exact moment.
Dreaming / about day trips, camping, rivers, lakes and the outdoors.
Inspired / by this amazing, mind blowing, incredible video.
Planning / these next two last weeks in dc. i love and will miss this city.
Practicing / yoga sculpt every day. i signed up at a gym for the entire month.
Mastering / the art of grilled panini making and healthy quick lunches.
Learning / ballroom dancing. i went to a class yesterday afternoon and learned to waltz.
Loving / my friends so much.
Reading / a hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcía márquez.
Reminiscing / so many random high school memories on late night drives.
Working / on being more productive.
Excited / to leave for barcelona, amsterdam, berlin, milan, florence, rimini, rome and the alps. and new orleans for college right after. ahhh!

What are you currently doing at this very moment in time?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 photo 9ca98147-dbbb-450b-a69c-5cce74a871e7_zpsff051994.jpg
i turned 18 yesterday.
i don't feel any different from how i felt last week, to be honest. but i have started to realize that now i am more and more in charge of my choices. from trips to parties to summers to friends. and i choose the small things too, such as what i eat, how often i do my laundry, when i go to sleep or to the gym. i've always been able to choose these, more or less, but now, more than ever, the responsibility to make good, healthy, ethical choices is mine and mine only.
 photo e1257ce0-1d5d-4a47-8586-37a832cda2ce_zpsd9356e26.jpg photo 9ee7d72f-43b5-439a-a995-94f3726e07ae_zps46f2d9dd.jpg

Friday, June 13, 2014


 photo nyc1_zps4f114c71.jpg
I went to New York for a few days last weekend. I prepared and scheduled posts, but they didn't quite work out, whoops. So here is a post about the trip! I arrived there on thursday morning and left sunday night. I stayed at my aunt's in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I visited a bunch of friends all over, but I also did a lot of reading books, drinking iced coffee and sitting in parks and walking my cousin Maia, the loveliest of all babies, around the neighborhood.
I visited the MOMA museum and explored Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho with Laura and Emily. I met up with a girl who will be going to my college next year for dinner and we got Shake Shack milkshakes. I made good progress in "A Hundred Years of Solitude" in various Brooklyn cafes and parks. We ordered Middle Eastern take out and watched "Les Intouchables". I met up with Noa and her friend and we discovered natural slush, great pad thai and authentic Italian gelato. I went to a brunch that Tulane University had organized in an incredible Tribeca apartment for us students to meet and mingle. It was a lovely, refreshing, productive trip!
 photo nyc6_zpsc3e71224.jpg photo nyc4_zps5f8cb907.jpg photo nyc8_zpsf9b28cd3.jpg photo nyc2_zpsf848baa5.jpg photo nyc3_zps8f27d4c5.jpg photo nyc9_zps04c74d10.jpg
I love NYC, I love the people and friends and family I have there, I love the food, the vibes, the subway and the fast paced city life. I love brunch, Soho, the smell of foodtrucks and the crowds. As I sat in Washington Sq park, it felt extremely strange to think that I had the opportunity to go to NYU and decided on New Orleans instead. I know it was the right choice, but I also know I want to come back to this city at some point. I'll be more than a cheap bus ride away, but I will visit often, promise. For the high quality people watching, for hipster chocolates and for cousins Sam and Maia. photo nyc7_zpsb443f313.jpg photo nyc5_zps371346d4.jpg
What's your standpoint on NYC? Hate it? Love it?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 photo d7738c0d-8a22-4064-902f-9971a9c0a480_zps15a0f8d2.jpg
A few weeks ago, my friend Belen had to have surgery. We used to be in the same synchronized swimming team when we were little, we volunteered at the Swimming World Championships together this summer and we go on many fro yo dates any time I am in barcelona. A bunch of girls from the world championships organized a surprise hospital visit and asked me to skype in.
I skipped health class and went into an apartment building across from school. I sat on the floor in the lobby and skyped in from my phone. Thinking that I was able to spend time with her, see her hospital room's gorgeous views of barcelona, say hello to her mom, and laugh with these girls from miiiiiles away basically brought me to tears.
So many will complain about technology, they will say it's making us loose human connections and turning us into less compassionate people. But you all, this Skype call was priceless.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


 photo e1c3c5b7-7104-43f0-84b0-5573ec450633_zps5d3fb387.jpg
It has already been a month since prom, the senior student dance at the end of high school that all Americans seem to obsess over. As much as I loved the dress hunt, the getting pretty, the "promposals", the drama, the logistics and talking about it nonstop for literally months, deep deep down, I always considered it pretty ridiculous. It was really fun and the whole thing definitely helped bring the senior class together, but it is not worth the stress everyone around me seemed to be putting into it.
I got my nails, hair and make up done with a bunch of different friend groups and then we all met up at someone's house to take the famous pictures with our guy dates and eat cheese and crackers (and other non-staining food items). Parents took pictures and made us stand and smile until our entire bodies hurt and our fancy heels sunk into the ground. I wore this mango dress (If anyone wants to invite me to a wedding/other fancy event, please do! I want to wear it again) and some really cheap heels, which I took off almost instantly.
 photo prommmm_zps8443b8c6.jpg
As any good DC city teen, we had our limo-party bus take us to the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial before going to the dance. We walked around barefoot, greeted tourists, danced on the steps of the memorial and hugged tons and tons of people from other groups who were also downtown before the dance. Oh DC, how I love you!
The prom itself, the dance at the hotel, was unexpectedly the most fun part, as you saw and interacted with everyone. Then we went to the after parties, splitting off into different groups, getting lost and eventually reconvening all together for a couple hours of sleep and breakfast.
 photo prom_zps734cc2bc.jpg photo promm_zps9e3ac6cb.jpg
Did you go to prom? (Do you even have prom wherever you live?) How was it?

Sunday, June 1, 2014


 photo berlinamsterdamm_zps8ef4e752.jpg
Remember how I wanted to do a trip around Europe with friends this summer? Well it was a little complex to figure out, but in the end I will be spending a few days in Amsterdam and a few days in Berlin with two friends at the beginning of July (and then Italy with eight of my insane friends from Barcelona).
 photo berlinamsterdammm_zps3bd14fb5.jpg
I've never been to Berlin and I've only been to Amsterdam once when I was nine, so I've been reading blogs and travel guides to find all the insider tips before we go. Emily, Katherine and I want to see art, parks, outdoor movies or concerts, cafes and beer gardens. We want to find out about bike rentals and small, local bookstores and try coffee everywhere! photo berlinamsterdam_zps9c19f1fe.jpg
Have you ever been? Any musts?